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Frank & Atticus is a small batch e-liquid line founded in Sydney, Australia in early 2018.

Sophisticated flavour pairings and unique flavour profiles meld together to create this palatable line of premium e-liquids. 


Born from a mutual love and respect for the vaping industry and professional culinary backgrounds; two friends were inspired and have united with the common goal of producing quality crafted e-liquids.


We pride ourselves in using premium ingredients to place a modern twist on old favourites and bringing new, surprising and distinct flavour profiles to the vaping community.


Our line appeals to both the novice and discerning vaper offering smooth and saturated flavours with multiple layers. This evokes the pleasurable experience of different nuances on the inhale and exhale for a more dynamic vaping experience. 



“We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.”


Founders, Frank & Atticus E-liquid

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